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Welcome to A.H.

authentic heart arunachala


A.H. Nonprofit

provides services

to people

who are in need,

feeling lost,

challenged by

practical living needs,

or facing spiritual crisis,

as well as being

an aide for people

focused on a life of self-inquiry, surrender, or devotion.

“Bhagavan” by Carlos Grasso

A.H. Nonprofit is inspired by Sri Ramana Maharshi. Many Ramana references are made throughout the pages of this website. (Ramana is referred to as Bhagavan as well).
Sivan Fire, Rafael, Leeram & Sage Stoneman

I (Rafael) started A.H. Nonprofit as a means to share the truth

that I have come to know, love, and be devoted to.

This website is my poem, my temple, my shrine, my Heart.

My sons (in the picture above) keep me from wandering

like a sadhu into that great river with no name.

My wife Natalia and our dog Leo (pictured below)

keep me swimming deeper into

the mysterious, depthless love

that words can not contain.


A biography on the life and teachings of Robert Wolfe

Robert Wolfe and Jai

Jai sent me an email that will be used as the preface of the book.

It had the following quote:

The wise man who is always enjoying supreme bliss lives like this -

sometimes appearing a fool, sometimes a clever man,

sometimes regal, sometimes mad,

sometimes gentle, sometimes venomous,

sometimes respected, sometimes despised

and sometimes simply unnoticed.”

Adi Shankara

I must say that quote sums up my experience quite well.

Jon Bottari & Rafael Stoneman

Jon has been my best friend since I was 15.

His devotion to the truth is a fire that provides constant warmth in my life.

He and I would like to invite you to come for a tour of Ojai.

We are offering 3 nights of guided tours in Ojai

that will remove obstacles that stand in the way of your realization.

Though in the truest sense, these obstacles are not real,

they still somehow have to be removed.

Truth is a paradox in that way.

Though you are already realized

as the Self-awareness that is your true nature,

do you in fact feel this truth to be present

right now?

Contact Rafael at

for further information on these three day tours.

The Someone who says No-One is There- Written by Rafael Stoneman

In looking for peace, in finding freedom from pain and confusion about what this pain is, I have come to accept that the real Self is peace Itself and is free from pain and confusion right now, no matter what the mind is reporting about the circumstances or situation that is happening.

This deep knowing is available through hard effort to discard waves of thought that rise and it is available through the surrender of the sense of the ‘I’ that is making the effort. The abandonment of effort is the most arduous effort that the ‘I’ can attempt to make. It can only attempt and then it is taken over. It is not enough to mentally grasp definitions of effort and effortlessness on the conceptual level and then assume there is no one there to do anything.

This assumption is the “I” deciding for itself that it has realized the state beyond itself. Without this “I”, there is realization. With this “I” there is a someone or a no one that is claiming this realization as its own. When one speaks of being a “no one”, it is relative to being a someone and so the dualistic mind is attempting to express that it knows itself beyond duality.

That Self that is beyond duality does not make such attempts with language to convince or prove to another being that it knows It Self. That Self is Self Evident and can be recognized by what can only be called humility, which is the absence of the “I”.

This is why we are so deeply inspired by beings that are truly free of egoism and why we intuitively feel when a being is still operating from an ego nature