A.H. Nonprofit is a 501c3 Tax Exempt Corporation EIN: 90-0450329

A.H. Nonprofit provides services to people who are in need, feeling lost, challenged by practical living needs or facing spiritual crisis, as well as being an aide for people focused on a life of self-inquiry, surrender or devotion.


In need: If you are hungry, we have organic food. If you are thirsty we have fresh water. If you need a ride, we can arrange for you to be picked up. If you need to be heard and understood, we are available. If you have a life threatening need, call a licensed medical professional.

Feeling lost: Making contact with another human being can be grounding. Reach out, we have been where you are now.

Challenged by practical living needs: There are many agencies designed to assist you, for example food banks, homeless shelters, woofing farms, work trades, etc. We will help find solutions to your unique situation.

Facing Spiritual Crisis: It does not matter to us what your religious background is. We are not a religious organization. We embrace all paths and backgrounds. We meet you at the Source, where all paths take you Home. If you have strong identification with a particular path, it may be best if you contact a member of that specific sect.

Focused on a life of Self-inquiry:  Consider volunteering with us and sharing your direct experience with those who are focused on inquiring.

Surrender: Your Heart will pull your body into relevant actions, there is nothing left for your head to decide.  You made it to this website because you already decided to trust your intuition.

Devotion: There are so many ways to sing about this mysterious presence of love. This is one that sounds sweet to my ears:

“My soul is your temple, O Lord,

My actions are your handmaids,

My body is your home,

My senses witness only you,

My sleep is pure meditation on you,

These walking feet are your journey,

Whatever falls from my mouth is prayer to you,

Oh Lord, everything I say and do are worship.”

Adi Shankara


I want to smash up this room. This ignorance must go.

I want to remove it from you. But wait.

Can I remove it from me first?

We speak about non-duality and in the same breath we blame another. How can this be?

If there is ignorance in that one you see as another, then it must be in you, if there is truly only One.

This is obvious as a concept. Even more obvious as a realization. Even ever so obvious to embody this truth.

Then why not let it start here with this.

What causes frustration here may be different than what causes frustration there. Is not the frustration the same, regardless the cause?

It maybe a cliché: “Build bridges not walls.” But it’s a true one.

Meet me in the middle of this bridge, where the distance between your world and mine is no more.

Meet me in the middle of the heart, where love unites with itself, free of fear and doubt. Meet me in the middle of this one Self, where divisions of name and form fall apart.

~ Rafael Stoneman ~ A.H. Founder

120 N. Donna St. Oak View, CA 93022 rafaelstoneman@gmail.com (805) 798-4412