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Welcome to A.H.

authentic heart arunachala


A.H. Nonprofit provides services to people who are in need, feeling lost, challenged by practical living needs, or facing spiritual crisis, as well as being an aide for people focused on a life of self-inquiry, surrender, or devotion.

“This existence is vaster and subtler than any words, sounds, images, symbols, or pictures can relate. This existence therefore is what is regardless what we say about it. This existence is you!”
That said enjoy all the expression of existence on this site.



Face to Face

With Sri Ramana Maharshi



A.H. NONPROFIT is inspired by Ramana Maharshi. Many Ramana references are made throughout the pages of this website. (Ramana is referred to as Bhagavan as well).

“Bhagavan” by Carlos Grasso

“Engage yourself in the living present. The future will take care of itself.”


“Physical activities produce physical results; mental activities produce mental results; since the Self is neither physical nor mental, an awareness of it cannot be brought about by either physical or mental activity.”

“I HAVE stilled my restless mind, and my heart is radiant: for in Thatness I have seen beyond That-ness. In company I have seen the Comrade Himself.
Living in bondage, I have set myself free:
I have broken away from the clutch of all narrowness.
Kabîr says: “I have attained the unattainable, and my heart is colored with the color of love.”


The Words of the Mystic Master
“Begin to Begin”
By Robert Adams

Do not fool yourself. If you are still involved in harming others,
hostility, gossip, unkindness, secret motives, meanness,
you are not growing spiritually.

Your body and actions are under the Law of Karma.

You must examine your character.

I meet so many people who say, “I am Free,
I am Pure Consciousness.”

And they think that they can do whatever they want.
Go after whatever they want. Harm others. Be disrespectful.
They are out of control. They wonder why they do not feel Joy.
Bliss. Love…the Truth of their Being. A love for humanity.
All these things.

Observe your actions. You must Begin to Begin.

To realize Your True Nature.

Many Westerners do not understand this. They think they can skip over the basic foundation and become “Realized”. I meet so many people who know so many spiritual terms, who have been on the Path for so many years. Been to India so many times. They pride themselves on this. They know every spiritual terminology that exists. But, they have no Awareness. No Realization. No Joy. No Happiness. No Kindness. They are fooling themselves.

When one is alone, one Knows the Truth. They are constantly creating karma, and working it out. Receiving pain from their actions towards others, from their secret thoughts, actions and intentions. This is why ancient scriptures say that you must begin with The Virtues:

Harm no one! “Begin at the Beginning.”
Dry knowledge does not qualify one to become a Teacher. I do not “philosophize.” I do not give a teaching, I simply give a confession. To some people, it means nothing. But, we are not trying to attract most people. I do not consider myself a “Guru.” I do not consider myself anything at all. But, the Reality that is left over is your Reality. It is Omnipresence. There is one Unqualified Reality, and:

This is It, Right Now, Right Now.
Never say “nothing is real.” This world by itself is illusion.
God, as the world, is Real.