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“Glorious is he or she who has abandoned all goals and is the incarnation of the satisfaction, which is his or her very nature, and whose inner focus on the Unconditioned is quite spontaneous.”  (Ashtavakra Gita)

This quote points to the immediacy of Self-realization.

From this point of view, there is no longer anything to do or not do. Actions continue to arise or unfold, but there is not the same sense of seeking to achieve anything with the action. The action exists like waves playing on the ocean. wave

The action of A.H.  is spontaneous and without any serious ambition, although a vision may arise that expresses itself in a serious way. Mainly, to be a service to humanity, A.H. may show up as a practical tool for human beings to access.

First and foremost, Self-realization is the primary focus. Once realization is the lens we are looking at the world through, the ways to move and be in the world are much more flexible and unpredictable.

As we wake up to our true nature, we continue to have responsibilities and often the struggle to survive and provide food and shelter for oneself and others, takes on a new perspective or meaning.  sit

A.H. Nonprofit is a free resource on the Internet, with lots of creative expression and pointers to inspire those who have realized long ago and those who are currently just now on the dawn of realization.

In person, A.H. is unfolding, exploring the nonprofit possibilities, and reinventing itself as the need arises.

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