More Peppers


You have been living in a house.
Now you wish to move out of the house.
You want more space.
But is not the house already in space?
Need you get rid of your body or your thoughts
in order to be free?
If freedom depends on getting rid of anything,
can it really be free?
Is it that you are attached to your body or is it that
your body is attached to you?
And what after all is attachment?
Is the head attached to the neck?
Is the grass attached to the dirt?
Is the fish attached to water?
Is attachment not natural?
You have been trying to fit into an image of yourself
but you are just too big to fit.
Just as you can no longer wear the pants you wore at age 10,
you can no longer wear the mask you wore yesterday.
Can you walk around headless and see through eyes of timeless love?
The doorway into your unimagined nature is too narrow for your imagination to fit through. In other words. you are either interested in reality or in fantasy in this very moment. Which is it?
Hardship brings a kind of surrender, a giving up of a feeling of will. Life brings hardship like this so that It can shake the tree of its deadwood and then build a temporary nest in your Heart to nurture some good eggs that will hatch into a bit of love and light for the world.
Do not ask to suffer and do not ask not to suffer. Just accept what life has prepared for you. Nothing less. Nothing more.
I once felt that I wanted You to fly me around on Your back. Now I know that I just want to be grounded in You.
These forms won’t live forever. This formlessness will. Therefore, plant all seeds in the soil of formlessness.
– rafael

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