The Miracle of Color



Here I am Here again

Not again

But only Now

Though it seems that moments are repeating

It is really One continuous moment

What changes and what remains the same?

Somehow through the prism of the mind

many moods appear in consciousness

although there is only one Ultimate mood.

This is the miracle of color

The play of emotion

On the negative end of the scale

we condemn the negative

But we imagine that we are on the positive end

when we seek ways to remove the negative.

How positive would we feel if there was only the positive end of the scale?

If we are willing to sacrifice the pain

are we willing to sacrifice the pleasure?

Equanimity is a dear friend.

One that holds the same embrace for praise and for blame.

The same space for fortune and for misfortune.

The same face for respect and for betrayal.

~ rafael ~

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